This questionnaire was made by all the students of 4t of ESO to study how Gurb will be in 2050. We shared this questionnaire using social networks. About 104 people answer this questionnaire, this number it’s big enough to make an extensive statistics analysis and comment each one.

Most of the people who answered this questionnaire live in Gurb or Vic and they represent the 55,8%. A 31,7% works in Gurb. If we look at the age range, the majority of people are about 35 and 44 years old (the 25,0%). 46,2% are students or work as administrators.

Luckily that more than the 50% of people take part on the conservation of the environment, and the percentage of people who don’t take part on it is very small. However, the amount of people who take part on the conservation of the environment should increase. To participate, the people use different methods, the mostly recycled (61,5%). There are 4 people (3,8%) who didn’t care at all.

A 37,5% of people think that the first industry to be set up in Gurb was between 1850 and 1900. They answered wrong, because the correct answer is 1827. The first industry was a textile factory called Malars, the percentage of people who answered well this question is 16,3%..

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