After analyzing carefully these graphics we can say that what people feel more concerned about the industry of Gurb is the massive increase of it and the CO2 emissions (50%), these preoccupations are due to the fact that now people are seeing the damage we’ve been causing for years like climate change, and they are starting to worry about it. The thing they want to improve about the industry is the construction of more companies that bet for renewable energies, 56,7% of the people think this way.

They think the best way to improve Gurb is adding more public services (42,5%). With a 41,7% the pollution is the major concern for the people who live here because the factories of Gurb do not use renewable energies. We can say that people agree to reduce the pollution that the industries produce,  this answer takes a 85,6% of the votes. Rating from 1 to 10 the fear of the industrialization, the majority of the people choose to rate it with an 8. They think that is enough fear about the urban areas will be eaten by the industrial areas. 59,5% of people think the increase of the industrialization goes with the increase of the the question if they think the others companies will be eaten by Tarradellas, the wild range of the people’s answer were very little, so we can see how this issue doesn’t really worry the people because 40 people 38,5% vote that this is not going to happen, 38 people believe this is going to happen that’s a 36,5% of the votes.

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