Gurb, was an area with difficult accesses and exits, since there were not many roads, the most important roads were: The c/Sant Bartomeu, the c/de Manlleu and the national 152. In Gurb the rural area was bigger than the urban, that’s why the primary sector were the most important one. The train was very important because it connected with Barcelona the capital of Catalonia that thing was very important when it comes to sell products out of the area although the national 152 was very important to, this road connect Barcelona with Ribes. In 1935 it starts the construction of Eix Transversal that is a road which connect Cervera with Rui de llops this road was finished in 1997.

Bit by bit the number of factories were increasing, the first industrial area was mas galí since there gurb starts developing the industrial areas and that lead to create new industrials areas like St Roc, Sot dels Pardals, among others. Logically gurb continuous been a rural area that’s why the industry goes related with that, there were a big number of factories related with the animal comfort like Divasa Farma Vic, Herbifung SL among others, that factories were related with the production of animals food or medical products for their, apart some companies are engaged in the production of animal origin food like cold meat the most important factories are Casa Tarradellas, Embotits solars among others.


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