In XXI century Gurb was in a crucial stage of changes initiated at the ends of the last century. The economy of the town and the number of industries improved. It was the town with more capital in the area. The twenty-fifth of Spain with more income for resident and is the biggest town of the area with an expanse of 51,23 Km2.

The growth in Gurb’s industry started around 1970 and since that moment it has gone intensifying. In the past, there was a zone mostly of farmers and the predictions were that it will be a model of growth based on agriculture, with only a small part for the industries. The industries chose Gurb because is in very good localization. Is crossed by C-17, that comes from Ripoll and continue direction Barcelona, by “Eix Transversal”, direction Girona, from you can arrive at the border. On the other hand, there are roads that make easier the communication between near towns like the BV-4601 called “La Carratera de Sant Bartomeu”, the N-152 that starts in Gurb and finishes in Vic, or the B-522 called “La recta de Manlleu”. The industries also moved to Gurb for their fiscals benefits, because is a big town and is next to Vic, the capital of the area.

Where are placed the industries of Gurb in the actuality?

During the lasts years, the industry has gone dominating of Gurb’s economy thanks to “Casa Tarradellas” and “Pascual”. The starting it was spontaneous. Even so, most of the industries are distributed in three industrial states: “Mas Galí”, “l’Esperança” and “la Ronda”. Due to the increase in workstations the population and the services have improved. However, people predicted that the service sector will improve more.

The 34,4% of the territory is occupied for the agro-industry, that is to say, “Casa Tarradellas”, “Pascual”, “Granja Armengol”… 15% are industries and 20,7% are services.
As could not be otherwise, the agrarian modernization is a point that clearly *(s’ha cumplert). The farms in the actuality use better technologies. However a little number of farms has disappeared.

The area expansion has been practically non-existent. There are a lot of terrains to build houses and it’s not necessary to extend it.


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