Keeping in mind the brainstorm about Gurb’s future, the information collected in the survey and the study that a group of experts did, we came to the conclusion that in 2050, Gurb will have more factories with an automatic system and environmentally friendly. This will lead to a considerable loss of jobs, mainly in the business sector, primary sector (the field), people that work as administrators and lots of services. Fortunately, new jobs will be created, like the ones related to technology and leisure. In general, the people, already expect that all this changes are going to happen and they mainly care about the environment and the possible loss of the countryside.

Furthermore, thanks to this project, we acquired some new knowledge in a technological way. We learned how to use correctly WordPress and how to create maps using InstaMaps. We also been able to know and select the right data with the aim of writing properly each section of the project and, obviously, translate it from Catalan to English.

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